Since 2016, I set out to search for 2 charities that I truly believe in. I knew there was a big population of pets that get abandonned because they're "too old" and "too expensive" to take care of anymore. SAINTS RESCUE ( was one of them. They rescue pets and farm animals that are old and disabled and give them the best life possible.

The other charity that I found was WILD Foundation (, they set out missions to make the impossible, possible. They save endangered wild animals. While we care about the aniamls we have at home, there are animals that we don't see that are poached and lose their habitat everyday. They are super passionate about what they do, as I am about this cause. 

I made pins that'll help me raise money to help these two causes. 50% of these pins are donated to SAINTS and WILD. So far, I've been able to donate $400 total with a $2000 goal. If you'd like to support my cause - you can purchase a pin here:  Flower Paw Pin.
Thank you so much in believing and supporting me ^__^